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Taking Action
Taking Action

This information will provide the means for P.L.A.N. members, and interested others, to effectuate change in Cobb County and beyond. There are numerous means for taking action in a community and making your views and arguments known to the powers that be. The methods below are of a general nature, and can be tailored given the campaign and issue, and like most things in life, need to be diligently followed-up on, followed-through on, and targeted to the key decision makers and influencers. Additionally, actions (or tactics) should follow from clear and specific goals and objectives, as well as the respective strategies to reach those goals and objectives.

(Note: You should not act or abstain from acting based upon information on this page and site without first consulting an appropriate [e.g., legal] professional within your jurisdiction. See the
Terms & Conditions for additional information.)

P.L.A.N.'s actions have generally included the following:

  1. Writing, calling, and emailing the BOCs and other pertinent government officials and/or issue stakeholders (e.g., developers, corporate personnel, etc.)
  2. Meeting with developers/builders to review their site plan, architectural renderings, building/landscape plans, signage, etc. In general, your purpose should be to better understand the developer's plans and needs than to get involved in some potentially binding negotiations/stipulations, which are unlikely to be in your best interest.
  3. Speaking out at BOC and other public meetings
  4. Working with other civic groups (e.g., Cobb County Civic Coalition, Kolb Farm Coalition) to effect change and to support our mutual goals and objectives
  5. Supporting, and consulting with, local ad hoc homeowners/groups in reviewing, and potentially disputing, a nearby or adjacent development

All politicians have a fiduciary duty to uphold their written and implied contracts/promises to the people. Decisions that are inconsistent or incongruent with the Cobb County ordinances and/or State ordinances, and/or their respective intents, need to be challenged in an appropriate and professional manner.

Note: some of the headings and material in this sectoin is adapted from the
Castle Coalition: Eminent Domain Abuse Survival Kit: Make Noise 

Please read through these pages in this section to get more information regarding:

Community Action


Politial Action

The great end of life is not knowledge but action. - Sir Francis Bacon


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