People Looking After Neighborhoods

P.L.A.N. membership includes the following items/benefits:

  1. P.L.A.N. emails (As needed)
  2. Early warning system for rezonings and potential negative Quality-of-Life impacts
  3. Inclusion into a strong homeowner coalition/group
  4. Association and benefit of P.L.A.N. influence and relationships

The annual cost of membership in P.L.A.N. is the following:

  1. Individual: $5
  2. Family: $10
  3. Homeowner Assoc./Subdivision Membership (< 100 homes): $20
  4. Homeowner Assoc./Subdivision Membership (> 100 homes): $20


The   P.L.A.N. Board of Directors are as follows:

Secretary:                                 Toria Morgan
Treasurer:                                 Marline Elkins

Dallas/Barrett CAC:                     Gabriella Coroneos
Village Green NAC:                     Luanne Porper
Mars Hill/Dallas CAC:                  Jim Dugan/Michael Perla
Macland/Powder Springs CAC:      Gary Wolovick
Facebook                                    Fran Jacksom
*Please note that the P.L.A.N. Board of Directors voluntarily give of their time and service in helping to maintain and improve the aesthetic/community integrity and quality-of-life in west Cobb County. In general, if you look at the type, quality, and nature of development in west Cobb County before P.L.A.N. came on the scene (i.e., 1997), there is a qualitative difference between the before-and-after pictures, with most homeowners (you will never please everyone) agreeing that P.L.A.N. has improved the picture given what could have been developed.


Anyone interested in joining P.L.A.N may use "Copy and Paste" to copy the membership form below.



After having read P.L.A.N.’s Mission Statement and Articles III – V of the Bylaws concerning the responsibilities 
of membership, I (we) wish to become members and to help promote the goals of  P.L.A.N.’s Mission Statement.  
Should my (our) actions be detrimental to or contrary to the goals promoted by P.L.A.N., I (we) understand
 that our membership can be terminated according to Article V.
Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Street City      State        Zip
Subdivision: _________________________________________________________________
(Total number of homeowner association members _______)
Phone and Fax Numbers: ___________________________________________________
Email address:____________________________________________________________
Homeowner’s Assoc. President’s Name, Address & Phone #:______________________
□  $ 5 Individual Membership                         □$10 family membership 
□ $20  Homeowner Assoc./Subdivision Membership (over 100 homes)     
□ $20  Homeowner Assoc./Subdivision Membership (100 homes or less)
Method of payment: □Check & # ________  □Cash _______
How I heard about PLAN_______________________________________________
I am interested in volunteering some of my time for PLAN.   □  Yes   .   □  No
(Help is needed in attending hearings, architectural, membership, newsletter committees)
Signature: ________________________________________
Date: _______________________
Received By: ______________________  Date: ___________
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P.O. Box 1972, Marietta, GA 30061



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