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Current Rezonings
Current Rezonings
This area outlines the current and near-term rezonings/rulings in west Cobb County. See the page Taking Action for potential action steps (e.g., writing a letter, speaking out, etc.) regarding these rezoning petitions.

Zoning cases are available from the county 30 days prior to the hearing date.  P.L.A.N. should have these posted 21 days prior to hearing.  You may visit the Cobb County website by going to www.cobbcounty.org and click on departments. Go to Z and click on zoning-online analysis.

Current Rezoning Cases

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County Contacts:
lise.cupid@cobbcounty.org  (Chairperson)



Stephen Vault stephen.vault@cobbcounty.org
Fred Beloin fred.beloin@cobbcounty.org
David Anderson david.anderson@cobbcounty.org
Deborah Dance deborah.dance2@cobbcounty.org
Michael Hughes michael.hughes@cobbcounty.org

All Commissioners:
100 Cherokee St.
Marietta, GA 30090-7000
Fax: (770) 528=2006
BOC web site:


Board of Commissioners meetings are held at 100 Cherokee Street, Marietta, GA in the Commission Meeting Room located on the 2nd floor of the Cobb County Building, Bldg. A.

Communicating with County Zoning
To be in the public hearing record, letters of support or opposition must be received in the zoning office by noon on the Wednesday prior to the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners’ public meeting. Materials received in time are placed in the case file as part of the public record.  Materials that arrive too late for the Planning Commission Meeting will be added to the public case file before the Board of Commissioners’ meeting.

Email letters are acceptable
The County Staff may not routinely copy and distribute copies of all zoning or variance related letters and email received by the Zoning Division to the Planning Commissioners or to the Board of Commissioners. If you want to be sure to reach the Commissioners, you should send your letters and email to the appropriate Commissioners - and send a copy to Zoning Division for the public file.



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