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Write Letters to the Editor (LTTE)
As anyone who is an avid reader of LTTE knows, they are often the most insightful and charged words in a newspaper.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Marietta Daily Journal (an email address; attach letter or put in the body of an email)

Write Op-eds
An opinion-editorial or "op-ed" is a longer piece (cf. LTTE) that is published in the opinion section of a newspaper. It often ranges in length from 400-800 words and it enables the writer to flesh out more of an argument than in a LTTE. An op-ed is best if it attempts to make no more than 3 key points. The writer should try to stay as objective (not overly opinionated) as possible, while still telling an engaging story. See newspaper links above.

Contact Your Local Paper
Newspapers are generally interested in vigorously debated issues (see many zoning disputes) and personal stories. Many people (newspaper customers) like to read stories about issues happening in their community (remember former Speaker Tip O'Neil's comment [and book title] that "All Politics is Local").

Place an Ad
An advertisement can be a novel way (with some cost) to increase the visibility of an important issue within the local community. For example, a group of Marietta (City) residents (Nov.-Dec., 2002) ran an ad in the MDJ regarding Marietta's (previous) ownership stake in the Marietta Conference Center and the FiberNet cable company.


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